Facial Oil for Acne Prone Skin

100ml £22.50

A calming blend of oils for acne prone skin and scarring.

The blend is rapidly absorbed by the skin and will not feel 'heavy' or clogging.

Contains Rosehip Oil, Borage Oil, Pomegranate Oil,Evening Primrose Oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin A and and a natural anti acne compound.

Not the most gorgeous of smells as Carrot Seed and Helichrysum are particularly effective in this blend -although  helped by the addition of Neroli and Lavender

Moisturiser for Eczema Prone Skin

50g £9.50
100g £17.00
225g £30.00

Scented with a small amount of Peppermint  essential oil to calm itchy skin and soothing Lavender essential oil.
This formulation contains an organic Aloe Vera concentrate, Borage, Thistle and Rosehip oils, Shea butter,
Vitamin E, Thistle oil, Vitamin A, vegetable Glycerine,

Moisturising Cream for Psoriasis Prone Skin

50g £9.50
100g £17.00
225g £30.00

No essential oils are added to this to avoid any chance or irritation.
This formulation contains an organic Aloe vera
concentrate, Evening Primrose oil, Shea butter, Vitamin E, Thistle oil, Vitamin A, vegetable Glycerine,

Scar Tissue Healing Oil

30ml £14.50

Includes: Comfrey oil, 
Vitamin E, Sea Buckthorn extract and Calendula extract to promote the growth of new, healthy skin cells

Use for at least 2 - 3 months for it to be effective 

Scar Tissue Healing Oil

Nail and Cuticle Oil

10 ml £7.50

Hydrates, nourishes and strengthens dry and brittle nails

With: Pumpkin oil  - contains zinc and Omega fatty acids 
Baobab oil - stimulates cell regeneration
Camellia oil - penetrates swiftly and gives a glossy sheen to the nails
Lemon essential oil - bleaches discoloured nails

Nail and Cuticle Oil

Calendula Healing Balm

50g £9.50

 A rich, healing balm with Olive oil, Calendula oil, beeswax from our own hives and Calendula extract.
Calendula is known for its healing, and natural anti-inflammatory properties.

Protects and heals. Great for dry, chapped skin and minor abrasions

Arnica Balm

50g £9.50

A rich, healing balm made with Olive oil and beeswax with Arnica tincture.

Use on chapped, dry skin. Helpful for bruises, inflammation and tired muscles

Bee Perfect Intense Oil Serum - 25 ml £22.50

25ml £22.50

Natures little miracles!  
A delicious blend of plant oils, Vitamins A & E and Neroli essential oil, which contains high doses of antioxidants  to help combat the signs of premature ageing.

Bee Perfect Intense Oil Serum

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